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Enchanted Forest Return

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She left the enchanted forest,
In hopes of gaining some reality,
Escaping the magic she found,
Within the forests boundary.

Yet in the world too much despair,
So much ache her heart did feel,
She often found such sadness,
And wonder how this could be so real.

She knew of only stories
Outside the enchanted forest they lay,
And only knowing of such harmony and beauty,
She couldn't imagine such dismay.

Upon her search in Life,
The roads she seamed to think held something hidden,
She was finding herself in a world,
She knew to stay her heart would be forbidden.

With sadness in her weeping heart,
And emptiness for all who felt pain,
She knew to the enchanted forest,
She must return again.

The forest held such magic,
Such dreams of which do come true,
She only wished the ones outside
Could feel it's powers too.

Her head held down in sorrow,
Aching for the ones she must leave behind,
To go back to the mystical life,
The forest held with a love of some kind.

Her dreams of spreading the magical love,
The hope within these trees,
Sadden her in so many ways,
Knowing in so many it would go unseen.

Yet her heart knew of only the forest's beauty,
It's magic and it's love,
And soon it over filled again her heart,
And the sadness was forgotten of.

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written By
Patti Brooks

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