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She sleeps beneath the waters,
Under a casted spell,
Her body floating lifeless,
for no one to tell.
She knows what not is going on,
Above the waters still,
A sleep she'll never wake from,
Unless true love finds its will.
Is she able to be dreaming,
of such a love to set her free,
Or is she captured all in darkness,
With nothing to see?

Beautiful mermaid,
Whom once swam the waters glory,
Is all but a long told tale,
of a very sad story.
Thousands of years have passed,
To her not knowing of a day,
Lost in such a terrible spell,
That can only be released one way.

A love she held, up on the land,
where hearts just could not share,
Two living separate lives,
with an answer just not there.
Finally so lost in sorrow,
so full of an aching pain,
A spell was cast upon her,
To never "feel" anything again.

Such beauty lay beneath the sea,
And only one heart knows it's there,
Yet that heart has long been buried,
Died broken with no care.
Is there hope for the sleeping mermaid,
of such another Love?
Beneath the waters sleeps,
To never again know what's above.

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Written By
Patti Brooks

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Graphics Thanks To:
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The Fantasy Art of Amy Browm
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The picture used in the above applet
is the work of
Mary Baxter St. Clair