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Another medieval story tells of the
capture of a unicorn by a maiden. The unicorn was
far too fast and wild for the man that was hunting
him. He could only be tamed by a maiden who sat
lonely underneath a tree in the woods. Attracted by
the scent of purity he would lay his head on her lap
and she would rock him to sleep. Then she would cut
off his horn, and leave him for the hunter and his dogs.

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In the Maiden's Lap

In the moonlit glade - peace
A ray of light spotlights the
tranquil unicorn
Crimson roses woven into it's
pearly, silken mane.

It stands, sadness, solitude, and
infinite wisdom in its amethyst eyes,
The delicate, silvery-white back ripples
as it moves slowly, gracefully,
across the glade

It's starlit, cloven hooves strike
the velvety grass without a sound
The pearly white tail swishes gently
back and forth, back and forth

Tears sparkling in its eyes,
It comes and lays down,
lying it's head carefully in the
maiden's lap
Light radiates and sparkles
on it's horn

I weave my fingers into his
silken mane

--Author Unknown

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